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Royal salute 23y 2022 limited edition taiwan 700ml

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< 皇家礼炮23年2022新年福尔摩沙限定版>>


「皇家礼炮23年」酒体上以唯一拥有台湾DNA 的苏格兰威士忌呈现台湾特色风味;东方美人茶独有的清新蜜香,与在地酸甜凤梨,浓郁香蕉、爽滑芒果与烟熏龙眼等果香饱满的气息完美交融,尾韵具木质调与葡萄果干绵长细致,不论佐餐或单饮皆契合无比

This stunning bottle of Royal Salute 23 Year Old is a delicious blended whisky that brings a truly incredible, smooth and moreish array of notes to the table. It was released as a Taiwan exclusive in 2022 and is hard to find anywhere online. Expect a whole array of fruity and gently spicy notes on the nose and palate, followed by a medium length, subtly sweet finish. It’s a superb creation and one that is highly limited in numbers

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